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Internet performance management

Gain the clarity and control to make the Internet your competitive advantage

Every day, the Internet becomes increasingly complex.

The Internet is growing at an exponential rate, with the number of users up another 8% in 2015 alone.

To put that into respective, that's over a quater billion new users, or roughly the population of the United one year - and that growth is not slowing.

Adding to the complexity, these hundreds of millions of users bring with them massive amounts of content, countless new devices, and the expectation of fast, enjoyable end-user experience.

billion users and counting
billion internet connected devices
petabytes of data/month by 2018
"The Dyn suite of Internet perfomance techology is quickly becoming table stakes for CIOs of large and small enterprises actively moving applications to cloud services."
Robert Mahowald, idc - november 2015

The economics of the cloud are too compelling to ignore.

Adaptive and scalable by nature, the cloud is enabling businesses to accelerate quicker than ever.

However, along with this "cloud transformation" comes concerns around control, transparency, security, and resiliency.

Businesses now have the need to hold their cloud providers accountable for their performance, and ensure they are partnering with the ones that best serve both their customers and their bottom line.

What if you had the clarity and control to harness the Internet and make it your competitive advantage?

One Powerful Platform.

Total Internet Control.